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Insights Study:

Understanding Consumer Drinking Preferences and Alcohol Consumption

Using PurchaseLoop's industry-leading research platform, LoopMe surveyed 4,408 consumers across the UK and 5,148 consumers across the Netherlands from 4-7 February 2022 in order to gain an understanding of consumer sentiment. LoopMe then surveyed a further 2,596 consumers across the US from 7 February to 10 February 2022. 

Questions explored drinking preferences, consideration towards alcohol-free alternatives and opinions on 0.0% alcohol choices. 

With the rise of alcohol-free alternatives, LoopMe's research offers an invaluable insight into what consumers are thinking and their drinking preferences.






We explored three key areas: Impact of the pandemic on alcohol consumption, consumers’ level of consideration to switch to a 0.0% alcohol choice and the occasions that they would choose an alcohol-free alternative, to understand consumer sentiment when it comes to drinking preferences. 


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